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Exposition at the North Hatley Antique & Folk Art Show.
July, 2014
• Exposition North Hatley
Exposition at the North Hatley Antique & Folk Art Show.
July, 2012
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Discover the story of Jean-Paul as related by the
journalist Lise Laverdière.
spring 2011
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Gift hand-over to Alexandre Bilodeau.
March 30, 2010


It has been almost 55 years since Jean-Paul Lessard Jr. first became interested in this art in the early 1970s. Despite his youth, he quickly became a talented student with the help of his teacher, who was also his mentor. His most influential teacher was his father, Jean-Paul Lessard Sr., who handed down his attention to the fine details of parchment and lamp artistry, as well as the thousand and one ways to create exclusive pieces according to the customized designs of his clientele.

In 1996, he took over his father's studio to follow proudly in his footsteps.

You can find Jean-Paul Lessard Jr. lamps in antique shops, decorating studios and high-end boutiques, and certain lamps can even be found on the desks of ministers and judges.

Most of his work is done with the public, who has been his most regular client and whose interest continues to grow.

The excellent precision of his work and the care given to each piece demonstrates Jean-Paul Lessard Jr.'s mastery of his art.

Sensitive and attentive to his clients' wishes, Jean-Paul Lessard Jr.'s love for his work shines through in each unique piece he creates.


"Jean-Paul Jr. is only five years old when he starts playing with colours in his father's workshop. He would colour bricks with a mixture of gold powder and golden lacquers, then invite his friends to search for the hidden treasures..."
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