Jean-Paul Lessard jr. - Lamp maker and Parchment manufacturer

Welcome to my virtual shop.

I created this site so you can visit my shop to see the creations I have to offer whenever you please.

Here are some of the services offered by Jean-Paul Lessard Jr.:

• Custom work according to your designs.

• Production of antique parchment lampshades
adapted to fit existing lamps.

• Restoration, repairs and finishing of antiques.

• Lamps available for sale at our shop.

• Antique lamps on show at our studio to
provide ideas for custom work.

• Clean and repair ceiling fixtures, lamps and
crystal chandeliers.

• Repair and porcelain restoration.

• Manufacturing and repair
Vintage lamps.

• Decorative lighting and color scheme
advisor at home.

• Recondition your precious objects and lamps
after disaster, such as cleaning and repairs.

• Close to Montreal, Laval and Laurentides.

• And many other services, please contact me.

All our lamps and lampshades are handmade and colored according to the original piece. Color schemes can be adapted to match your home décor for custom orders. The shades are signed and dated by the artist.

Click the “Catalogs” button above to view our available lamps, chandeliers and antique pieces. You can also browse our selection of exclusive-finish parchments used to produce our lampshades.

For further information, click “contact me
to reach us by telephone or email.

Enjoy your visit, we hope to see you soon.